Saturday, October 19, 2019

Special Issue in Applied Science Journal(SCIE) of MD Publishers on Applied Optimization in Clean and Renewable Energy: New Trends"

A Special Issue Call was announced from Applied Science Journal on "Special Issue "Applied Optimization in Clean and Renewable Energy: New Trends".

This journal is indexed in SCIE

Impact Factor as per their website 2.217

Topics : "applied mathematics, renewable energy systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, data mining, multimedia processing, and big data to show the most recently advanced methods, e.g. deep neural networks and learning systems, in optimization and machine learning for parallel data computations."

Last date of Submission : 30 June 2020.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Smart City Concept : Everything is connected in real time

The main problem of most of the heavily urbanized cities are it is not well connected and information are not updated real time. That is the reason why no one knows where is a petrol station where petrol is available and number of consumers are low.

When an accident occur real time help is not available. 

A leak in pipe or a theft in electrical lines can not be detected and reported in real time.

The lack of real time communication delays the mitigation response which exaggerate the problems tolerated by a city people.

The video shows an idea of smart city which can reduce the problems and provide a real time decision support system for every urban inhabitant.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Group Method of Data Handling and Wave Energy

GMDH is an algorithm which can train and produce predicative models following the polynomial neural network(PNN) architecture. The advantage of the algorithm is that it can automatically select the number of inputs and the topology for which accurate results will be plausible,The algorithm utilizes a fitness function to identify the optimal configuration of the neural networks which can generate reliable results.

Problems in wave energy and its converters have never used GMDH techniques to solve or mitigate the uncertainty faced in such systems. Although some studies are there regarding location selection for wave energy systems, but there is still an ample scope to implement GMDH for finding solution to common or uncommon problems faced by the wave energy converters.

You may find some ideas from UO in this aspect.

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Software for managing hydro power plant

Integrated Method for Power Analysis (IMP 5.0) is a software you may use for management of hydro power plant(HPP) operation and maximization of production efficiency.

This software enable an user to monitor and manage HPP in three ways :

1.Based on Flood Frequency
2.Based on Watershed Impacts
3.Based on Power Simulation Module 

Beside this there is another module for providing unobstracted path for fish which is generally a big problem for power plant administration.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Network Marketing for Sustenance of Greenery

If you can plant one tree in your residence per month it is twelve tree per year and if you can encourage only 5 friends to do the same then there will be 72 trees planted per year from your locality.If the same can be repeated by 4 friends of your 5 friends then the total number of trees planted will become  312 in only one year.That means your locality will absorb  14976 pound of carbon per year and will release as much oxygen to support 624 human being .

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Five tips to efficient time management

After searching the net I found that there are few tips which is suggested by many experts for efficient time management.As management of your time is the key to your success in your life these tips may help you manage your time more efficiently and excel in your career.

  1. Remember, the focus of time management is actually changing your behaviors, not changing time. 
  2.  A solid personal goal setting system is the key to effective time management and life planning.
  3. Ability to eliminate procrastination and laziness is among the most important time management skills to learn.
  4. The first step to effective time management is to track your activities so you can form an accurate picture of what you actually do.  
  5.  Most of us do not feel this anxiety all the time, but it peaks in periods of high demand. This stress can be brought into balance if, through the practice of time management, we even out the distribution of work. 
Remember this tips and plan your time accordingly and become the master of your life.

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